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A fun and interactive teaching tool for you and your kids!

Reward your child’s behaviour every time they do something desirable or positive.

Positive reinforcement has been proven to be the most effective way to teach our kids.

You make the rules for how your system will work but if you’re not sure, we can help!

Start by rewarding your child with a token whenever they have impressed you with their behaviour…

Maybe they accomplished something at school or cleaned up after themselves without you asking them.

Then, attach rewards to the cost of a merit token… here’s an example:

1 token = a small chocolate
3 tokens = choice of dinner
5 tokens = a brand new video game
10 tokens = a new toy

You make the system, you make the rules!

Your child will love the feeling of being rewarded and it will be so much fun for everyone involved.

Nothing beats a well deserved treat!


– Fully sustainable and environmental friendly wood pieces
– Boys and girls option
– Comes standard with 12 pieces (additional packs available)

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to place a custom or bulk order!

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6cm dia x 10cm (L)


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7 – 10 Business Days


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